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7-3-2010 @ Gelston Castle Estate

#909 3 years, 7 months ago

Extending an invitation to journey back to 7-3-2010 at Gelston Castle Estate. It was a really great show at a new outdoor venue with a beautiful view, a nice reward after the exceptionally LONG time it took to get in.


Gelston Castle Estate
Mohawk, NY
July 3rd, 2010

Source: Shure VP88 M-S > Marantz PMD 661
Lineage: SDHC > iMac > Audiofile Wave Editor (tracking, fades, VST M-S Matrix) > FLAC

Recorded, transferred and posted by DigiGal

Description: ** 16-bit/44.1 Khz **

Disc 01 [Set I]
01 Tuning/Crowd
02 The Golden Road
03 Born Cross-Eyed
04 Alligator
05 Truckin'
06 Feelin' Alright
07 New Potato Caboose
08 Cream Puff War
09 Viola Lee Blues

Disc 02 [Set II]
01 Sage And Spirit
02 Seven Hills Of Gold
03 Althea
04 Magnolia Mountain
05 Sugar Magnolia
06 No More Do I
07 Dark Star

Disc 03 [Set II - Cont.'d]
01 Terrapin Station Suite
02 Stella Blue
03 Uncle John's Band
04 Encore Break/Donor Rap
05 E1: One More Saturday Night
06 E2: Sunshine Daydream

Mic stand 12 ft high in Official Tapers Section, located ROC by Soundboard. Recorded the mid-side mic outputs directly.
This version of the original MS recording is matrix'd with the side level 1.9 dB lower than the mid.
Tracked out to fit on three audio CD's as indicated. Discs can be joined smoothly.

Phil Lesh - bass & vocals
Bob Weir - guitar & vocals
Jeff Chimenti - keyboards
John Kadlecik - guitar & vocals
Joe Russo - drums
Sunshine Becker - vocals
Jeff Pehrson - vocals
Still Searching For The Sound??? My LMA Recordings and My Etree Recordings
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Re: 7-3-2010 @ Gelston Castle Estate

#39689 3 years, 3 months ago
This was my first Furthur show. The lot was just raging all day and all night. I was sceptical at first especially about JK but by the fall shows I was convinced. Saw two in Boston in march and summer tour is a week away. It's gonna be gooooooood.
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Re: 7-3-2010 @ Gelston Castle Estate

#39741 3 years, 3 months ago
the scene there was a zoo...the only thing that sucked was getting into the lot...traffic was backed up like a fraternity house bathtub....i didn't have much trouble because i went early but i know many folks who did...i actually forgot my tickets to this one at home, spent the entire day reasoning with promoters from the venue and morons from frontgate ticketing...i did luck out big time though, frontgate happened to be open the day before july 4th, on a saturday, and had an odd message directing those who forgot tickets to go to the box office and do all this stuff...well i spent 3/4 of my day figuring it out but in the end got replacement tickets...they came on over an hour late to wait for those stuck in the traffic...show was STELLAR...i was digging the 60's vibe throughout the first set (golden rd, cross eyed, alligator, new potato caboose, cream puff war and viola lee) and a KILLER mountain jam tease during the backend of alligator....2nd furthur sage and spirit the only other being the one from furthur fest...debut of seven hills of gold (i fuckin love the slide work JK does on this one) ...rest of the set was great, sat night>ssdd was a fun way to keep everyone pumped up after the show...exiting the venue was a madhouse, the nos mob in full force, i heard some people were there all night no problems, wish i would have known, instead of driving back to WNY

i thought they would return there this summer but nope
who else is gonna bring you, a broken arrow?
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Re: 7-3-2010 @ Gelston Castle Estate

#39847 3 years, 3 months ago
I crashed out in my Jeep in the wee hours and woke up in the morning seeing about a hundred vehicles in the main lot still and more in the lot closest to the entrance. It was a blast. Would've been nice to see a multi night run here.
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Re: 7-3-2010 @ Gelston Castle Estate

#39896 3 years, 3 months ago
Google maps sent me the wrong way but ended up coming down the road in the opposite direction of all those stuck in traffic.Slid right in with no problems whatsoever.Great view from the top of the hill.Got 25 feet in front of the stage on John's side and never left.Had plenty of room to enjoy this great show.Getting psyched for my return to Bethel this Saturday.
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