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Too Much Sunshine - Bethel

#41635 3 years, 3 months ago
seems everywhere i look, utube video comments, reviews, everyone who ive talked to or heard talk bout the yesterdays show was that the only complaint was that sunshine was belting out over top of everyone and just too much, maybe her mic was turned up or something, cause i listened to the show, at least the second set, and id have to agree.

I REALLY love both of the backup singers i think they are a great addition, but last night was i dunno. not a good night for sunshine i guess, not that her signing was bad, but there was way more of her than the lead vocalist in a lot of places. hopefully this gets remedied, because i really love her additions but when shes overkilling it, its just well...overkill. It almost felt like she was tryin to steal the show and it was almost awkward in places, as for JP i didnt really hear much of him at all, or maybe he was just doin the right amount of blending to where he wasnt overkilling but just adding a lil. i dunno?

I really hope this gets fixed, as i havent really noticed this being an issue previously. hopefully it was just a fluke. or maybe she feels she isnt gettin the attention she deserves and is subconciously singing louder. WHO KNOWs i do know she has a lovely voice, i would love to hear her do her own sunrise, maybe that might help (if attention is even part of the issue) im sorta grasping at straws. maybe it was just a mic or levels issue.

cant wait for tonight!
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Re: Too Much Sunshine - Bethel

#41639 3 years, 3 months ago
To each his own, but I have to say I completely disagree. I thought Sunshine was great, especially during Comes a Time, which ended up being essentially a duet with her and John K. I feel like this was the only song in which she really asserted herself, and rightfully so.

In general I thought her voice was strong, beautiful, and spot-on both in tone and in the mix.

In fact, I would have liked to hear her doing the "Donna" parts in Playin', which she did not do  – "good Donna", I mean....

The official live recording mix may be different, and I won't defend that (although I've heard it already and enjoyed it) but I felt that the mix in-house (6th row, ctr was very good.
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